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Solutions for the industry

Productivity is a key factor for success in the global marketplace.
Your machines and plants must operate reliably throughout
theirentire lifecycle so that you will always be able to meet your
customers’ requirements quickly, flexibly, efficiently,and with the
highest quality. The challenges that manufacturing companies
face are as varied as the products they produce.

Our industry service enables in-depth analysis of all relevant
operational and process data, allowing you to optimize the
overall effectiveness of your plants while improving your
competitiveness and achieving maximum performance and
efficiency in your machines and plants.

Lifecycle Management Solutions

We give recommendations to keep and improve the equipment
availability based on latest experiences and lessons learned
from our network of key service experts backed by our
engineering and development teams.

Our remote support capabilities provide immediate support in
case of any critical failure of your equipment.Fast recovery
after a failure is key to keep equipment availability at the
highest possible level.

Increase Predictive Maintenance

Improve your maintenance strategy with individual support for
your team from our maintenance experts with worldwide
experiences and expertise in differentindustries. We also offer
complete outsourcing of your maintenance if you want to focus
on your core business.

Condition monitoring helps to reduce preventive and unplanned
maintenance and enables predictive maintenance. Ourcost
efficient approach to provide expert support includes local
availability of our field service experts and the capability of
remote support.

Spare Parts Services

The Spare Parts Service for the industry is available around the
clock. The on-time arrival of spare parts is ensured through
previously fixed delivery times.

In addition to delivery, the G.E.T’ logistics specialists take care
of transportation, customs clearance, storage and order
management, spare parts management, and logistics planning
and management. The result: smooth and fast delivery of spare
parts for a consistent availability of plants.

Galaxy Engineering and Technology GmbH (G.E.T) is a
global supplier of technology and services. Our operations
are divided into three business sectors: Industrial Products,
Industrial Technology, and Engineering Services.