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We rely on a stable bond.

We count on a stable bond between senior managers and
employees. It is based on respectful interaction, which in the
truest sense of the word was developed over long periods of
cooperation, good communication, interest in different opinions,
and competent interaction with differing cultures in global

Employees expect senior managers to be credible and
demonstrate leadership conduct with honest intentions. They
have the right to learn something from their managers and to
participate in their managers’ responsibility.

In order to develop strategically attractive business ideas and
translate them into long-term corporate success, our senior
managers set targets with their employees which challenge
their personal potential and encourage their individual development.


Everyone contributes unique skills and experience.

It is important to us to always keep the well-being of the entire
company in mind, aside from the responsibility for the specific
task at hand.

We value the diversity of knowledge, creativity and opinions at
G.E.T because we are convinced that we can deliver peak
performance only as a team.

Cooperation across the boundaries of Strategic Business Units,
functions and regions helps us to successfully cope with
complex topics and tasks. We solve problems that stand in our
way by everyone contributing unique skills and experience.

When things do not quite go the way they should, we expect
each employee to take the initiative, if necessary across
hierarchical levels. Mistakes, and at times even failures, do not
throw us off our course. They inspire us to search for creative
and innovative new approaches to solutions.

Decision and Change

Our freedom motivates us.

G.E.T grants great decision-making latitude not only to senior
managers, but to each and every employee. This is the reason
why our senior managers and employees think like entrepreneurs.
The freedom with which we are allowed to independently make
decisions motivates us.

Independent action is desired, regardless of the hierarchical
levels or functions. When we are convinced that things require
change, we do not hesitate but act.

By being allowed to make independent decisions and changes
within a broad scope, each employee bears individual
responsibility towardthe company.

It is therefore important to us that our decisions always have
a lasting effect and are reliable.

Galaxy Engineering and Technology GmbH (G.E.T) is a
global supplier of technology and services. Our operations
are divided into three business sectors: Industrial Products,
Industrial Technology, and Engineering Services.