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At G.E.T we enable modern life. We make the world safer,
healthier, more efficient and more connected. If you look
closer, you will see us. Innovating for our customers. Creating
the future.

Our Safety Consulting offers technical expertise to industry
challenges and solutions in maintaining the robustness of your
facility while reducing risk, optimizing cost and helping ensure

G.E.T innovative engineering and materials development helps
ensure our customers are more than satisfied with ourconsulting.
We specialize in supply of replacement components for
equipment used in mining and refinery.

Mechanical Seal Services

Mechanical seal technology has prevented leakages and reduced
waste emissions. Our solutions provide you with the correct seal
solution suited for your specific application, to ensure optimal
reliability, safety and performance.

Dry Gas Seal Services

We have the expertise to maximize reliability and efficiency in
the most challenging environments. We are committed to
providing the latest technologies and designs in order to
provide our turbo machinery customers within global energy
industries with the solution they need.

Power Transmission Services

Safe operation is critical to maintaining productivity. Whether
you are operating remotely in the cold, corrosive environment
or in areas of high humidity, fully compliant with ISO10441
(API 671), the power transmission couplings are designed to
operate safely and reliably. 

Compressor Valve Services

All of the compressor valves are custom designed to meet
your specific application needs. These designs include
concentric ring, ported plate, poppet and channel type.

Galaxy Engineering and Technology GmbH (G.E.T) is a
global supplier of technology and services. Our operations
are divided into three business sectors: Industrial Products,
Industrial Technology, and Engineering Services.