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Pioneering Spirit

We overcome boundaries and, as a result, rise above ourselves.

To our company, Pioneering Spirit means always being a step
ahead of the market. Pioneering Spirit is expressed by the will to
approach new tasks without knowing the solution.

Corporate experience gives us the confidence to clearly assess
opportunities and risks of decisions. In view of this, we believe
that risks are worth taking.

We are willing to face new challenges time and again. Questioning
the known, developing our own ideas, and being willing to
independently implement them is part of our corporate culture.


You can only reach decisions if you are not afraid of mistakes.

Courage means taking carefully weighed risks. We assume
responsibility and do not waver even in difficult situations.

We demonstrate Courage by aligning our decisions with the
needs of the future. We vouch for the decisions we make today.

We do not wait to see what challenges we will face in the
future–we seek them out ourselves and actively approach them.


To our company, Fairness means to be open to other points
of view.

The dedication of every individual deserves the respect of the

We are a company that expects and encourages change. We
are open to different points of view. To us, Fairness is a principle.
Every G.E.T employee is an ambassador of this philosophy and
brings it to life in everyday business.

Galaxy Engineering and Technology GmbH (G.E.T) is a
global supplier of technology and services. Our operations
are divided into three business sectors: Industrial Products,
Industrial Technology, and Engineering Services.