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G.E.T supports a corporate culture that values all associates
and enables them to reach their full potential.

At G.E.T, we see the diversity of our workforce as an asset and
decisive success factor. A number of studies have shown that
mixed teams bring forth new approaches and unique ideas.

Our associates bring a broad range of skills and experience to
the table: this fuels our innovative strength, and allows us to
develop beneficial solutions for our customers and business
partners around the world. What is more, our mixed teams
have a sound understanding of our different customers and

Health management

We go to great lengths to provide our associates with a healthy
work environment. This includes promoting personal health.

The average age of the company’s associates is expected to
rise. At the same time, work processes will become faster and
more complex. In addition to this, the number of people who
are overweight or suffer from cardiovascular disease is set to
increase. Against this backdrop, G.E.T began systematically
expanding its health management program. The aim is to
maintain and promote associates’ health in the longterm, and
thus also their ability to perform.

Education and training

Skilled and motivated associates shape the foundation of G.E.T’s
success. This is why the company invests a great deal of time
and money on human resources development. It offers everything
from apprenticeships and cooperative education to targeted
development programs for specialists and executives who wish
to strengthen their individual skills or plan their next career move.

For G.E.T, associate development is a continuous process that
requires a willingness for lifelong learning. In order to master
future tasks, associates must maintain their skills and actively
develop new ones — regardless of their functions, hierarchical
levels, or locations in G.E.T.

Galaxy Engineering and Technology GmbH (G.E.T) is a
global supplier of technology and services. Our operations
are divided into three business sectors: Industrial Products,
Industrial Technology, and Engineering Services.