Products and Services

Solutions for the petrochemical industry

Efficient solutions that conserve resources.

The challenge of our time: To manufacture raw materials for the petrochemical industry as cost- and resource-efficiently as possible. In times of
sharply fluctuating raw material prices and ever stricter environmental standards this is becoming increasingly important. That’s why we translate
the world-leading process and plant design know-how into highly efficient solutions for our customers.

Our mission is to keep local OEM’s globally competitive

Our comprehensive Metallurgical Expertise and Extensive Manufacturing Networks deliver Globally competitive Metal Component Solutions to
OEM’s & Industrial clients. Our team of Metallurgists, Mechanical and Material Engineers will work closely with you to ensure we understand
you requirements and meet your needs.

We help to co-create, design and manufacture of metal parts, components for a range of industries, with a very high quality of service. Leading
supplier of Metal Parts and Components across Europe, America and Asia. Our customers include leading mining truck manufacturers,
renowned commercial crusher manufacturers as well as well-known excavating machine manufacturers, etc.

We understand that sending us your designs and concepts requires an assurance of confidentiality. We are committed to protecting your
intellectual property and happy to enter into non-disclosure agreements.

Industries we serve

Galaxy Engineering and Technology GmbH (G.E.T) is a
global supplier of technology and services. Our operations
are divided into three business sectors: Industrial Products,
Industrial Technology, and Engineering Services.