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Mining industry

Mining and mineral processing are high-intensity industries, and
as such, they require extremely durable cast products that can
meet exacting material specifications.Dig, load, truck, crush,
refine, process…and repeat. These operations are at the heart
of the mining and mineral processing industries. And our casting
and forging parts for the drilling and mining industries do the job.

If there is one primary requirement for the steel castings, iron
castings, and nickel-alloy castings that are used to make the
working parts in the mining and mineral processing industry, its
wear-resistance. Our experience in producing the best mining
castings and mineral processing castings means we can produce
not only wear-resistant, but heat-resistant parts as well. This
benefits our customers by extending the working lives of their
products, and ultimately meeting and exceeding the end users’

Our solution

Our abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant irons and steels parts
offer an impressive range of grades, thicknesses and widths, each
with theirown unique characteristics.

Whichever ones you choose, you can be sure they’ll improve the
wear performance of your products and machinery, cut lead times
in your workshop and increase the productivity of your operations.

A die-hard steel for long-living equipment

Extreme abrasion resistance has always been the key to our wear
plate’s success. Today, it’s harder and tougher than ever, able to
withstand heavy impact without permanent deformation or
cracking. So if you’re an equipment or machine operator, don’t
worry: our wear-resistant parts can fend off shocks, jolts, bangs,
nicks and jabs. This steel can take a beating and keep on
performing, day after day.

You’ll appreciate that you can easily extend the service life of your
equipment. Not only does this add to the lifespan, but without ugly
cracks and dents your equipment looks better while in use, too.

So whether you need to move a mountain, dig a ditch or carry
a heavy load, our wear-resistant parts works hard to contribute to
a stronger and more sustainable world.

Quality and performance you can
rely on

Leaner production begins with reliable performance. Our
wear-resistant parts are made from carefully chosen raw materials
in a tightly controlled, integrated steel mill process.

The result: reliable quality and performance hardness, bendability,
surface quality and flatness – thus high performance for all your
typical wear applications.

Brake discs for high speed train

High speed train travel is rapidly becoming the most popular form
of transport for short and medium range distances with Japanese,
European and Chinese manufacturers leading the field. The
braking system of high speed trains is one of the most critical, as
the steel brake discs must take trains from 400 km/h to 0 km/h in
just a few seconds. The G.E.T’s brake discs are the product of
steel processing know-how, analyses and simulations, the latest
cutting-edge technology and strict controls to deliver a product
that meets the most stringent quality standards.

Our experience in producing the best brake discs for high-speed
trains means we can produce not only wear-resistant, but
heat-resistant parts as well. This benefits the brake discs by
extending the working lives, and ultimately meeting and exceeding
the users’ expectations.

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